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The conference covers topics related to real algebra and geometry, as well as its connections to optimization, convexity, functional analysis and other areas. Real algebraic geometry studies semialgebraic sets over the reals or general real closed fields. In algebraic terms, one studies nonnegative polynomials on such sets, and describes them as (generalized) sums of squares. This approach goes back to Hilbert’s 17th Problem. It helps understanding semialgebraic sets and establishes a close connection to optimization, mostly via semidefinite programming. Convex hulls of semialgebraic sets can also be understood via their nonnegative polynomials, and this helps classifying sets for convex optimization. There are also connections to functional analysis, via moment problems and non-commutative polynomial inequalities.

We are proud to announce the following list of main speakers:

 Petter Brändén (KTH Stockholm)
 J. William Helton (UC San Diego)
 Jean B. Lasserre (LAAS Toulouse)
 Claus Scheiderer (University of Konstanz)
 Konrad Schmüdgen (University of Leipzig)
 Andreas Thom (TU Dresden)

Registered Participants:

 Paria Abbasi
 Vincent Astier
 Doris Augustin
 Martin Berger
 Youenn Bidel
 Petter Brändén
 Anita Buckley
 Sabine Burgdorf
 Jose Capco
 Jaka Cimpric
 Gemma de las Cuevas
 Charles Delzell
 Philipp di Dio
 Tom Drescher
 Tobias Fritz 
 Charu Goel
 Danielle Gondard
 Sander Gribling
 David Grimm
 Christoph Hanselka
 Bill Helton
 Maria Infusino
 Philipp Jukic
 Igor Klep
 Manfred Knebusch
 Tim Kobert
 Tom-Lukas Kriel 
 Mario Kummer
 Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann
 Katarzyna Kuhlmann
 Jean Lasserre
 Maria Lopez-Quijorna
 Tim Netzer
 James Pascoe 
 Cordian Riener
 Masha Sayyary
 Daniel Scharler
 Claus Scheiderer
 Konrad Schmüdgen
 Christoph Schulze
 Markus Schweighofer
 Klemen Šivic
 Colin Tan
 Andreas Thom
 Thomas Unger
 Stephan Weis
 Aljaz Zalar
 Christiane Zyrus
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